Jul 10, 2023 7:00 AM
John Finegan
Rotary International and its Impact on Capitalism and Globalization in the Twentieth Century

In his intriguing presentation, John Finegan explores the profound influence exerted by Rotary International, a century-old service organization, on the global economic landscape. The talk meticulously dissects Rotary’s pivotal role in fostering entrepreneurship, facilitating cross-border collaborations, and promoting ethical business practices worldwide. It highlights how Rotary’s commitment to ‘Service Above Self’ acts as a moral compass in the capitalist market, subtly influencing it towards a more socially inclusive model. Drawing a comprehensive picture of globalization, John further examines how Rotary’s vast international network has spurred cross-cultural understanding, thereby aiding the seamless integration of economies in an increasingly globalized world. This discourse invites its audience to reimagine Rotary not only as a service organization, but as a transformative catalyst in the realms of capitalism and globalization as well.