May 24, 2018
Carol Baumbusch
Peaceful Schools

Bio for Carole Baumbusch
January 2016
Carole Baumbusch is a retired executive, a Rotarian, a
wife, a mother, and a grandmother to 7 young grandchildren.
Carole lives in Cherry Creek with her husband and is a member of the Rotary
Club of Denver Southeast. Five years ago she co-founded the Rotary District
5450 Peaceful Schools Program to help schools become safer, more respectful
and bully-free environments. This program has been adopted by more than 20
Rotary Clubs in the District and implemented in more than 25 schools in the
greater Denver area. More than 2000 elementary school children and hundreds
of high school students have been positively impacted by this program which
continues to grow at a rapid pace.
With the growing issues of ridicule, bullying and violence in our schools, there
has never been a more important time for Rotary Clubs to engage with their local
schools and communities to help address these issues.
Here now to tell us more about the Peaceful Schools Program …